Understanding and predicting your future

There’s an interesting tendency to equate intuitive consultations, or psychic work, with seeing the future. For many, “the future” is a confusing idea. A common misconception is that all events are predestined and therefore predictable. However, the implication here is disempowering: It means that you can’t shift your outcomes and it reinforces a mindset of victimhood.

In this blog, I’ll explore what it means to forecast the future so you can approach intuitive consultations – and ultimately, your life – with greater intentions for personal growth and transformation.

“The future” is a set of weighted probabilities which are determined by two forces. The first is your soul agreement. Think of it as the contract you generated and agreed to before you were born. It contains all the lessons and challenges you set out for yourself. You put this contract in place because on a deep, unconscious level you want to grow in certain ways. Therefore, all of the challenging situations and relationships that you attract arise specifically to help you learn those lessons.

While your life lessons are fixed, your state of being – which is the second force at play – is flexible. Your state of being is basically the energy of your emotions, beliefs, actions, intentions and motivations. Because you have free will, you are in 100% control of your state of being. Shifting your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in a way that aligns with your soul agreement is the power you exert over your future.

When you shift your state of being, your outcomes are experienced in an entirely different way and you remove yourself from negative loops. Your life is a merry-go-round of suffering to the extent that you resist the lessons that the deepest part of you wants to learn. As you embrace your life lessons, any pains you experience are merely brief signals that serve only to point your attention to your next growth edge.

Picture your life journey as a voyage across the sea. The current, which represents your soul contract, is going to push you in a general direction. Trying to fight the current only leads to accidents and exhaustion. While you can’t change the current, you can adjust how you respond to it by using a paddle, adjusting the sails, wearing a life jacket, etc.

As the captain of your life, you decide not only how you’ll navigate the journey, but even more critically, how far you’ll go. Although your life lessons are fixed – your potential for growth is limitless. There are no restraints on how much joy, love and success you experience in your life, except those limits which you impose on yourself.

During an intuitive consultation, it’s helpful to inquire about your life lessons, self-imposed blockages, and how to shift your state of being. Questions of this nature will empower you to step into your future with open-hearted confidence.

Also, it’s good to be aware of two factors that affect how accurately the future can be predicted. The first is timing: It’s always harder to forecast whether something will happen in your distant future because you have more time to shift your state of being in a way that changes your trajectory. If you ask what your career will look like in ten years, you can expect a vaguer answer because you still have lots of choices to make.

The second factor is whether the subject of the reading is a single individual such as yourself, or a collective entity such as an organization or a nation. It is generally easier to predict the future of a collective entity because it takes more effort to alter its path. Individuals, on the other hand, are nimbler, which makes them harder to predict. It’s similar to the difference between steering a cruise ship versus a kayak; the larger vessel is heavier and therefore much more set in its path. If both are just a few feet away from an iceberg, the ship is much more likely to collide with it compared with the kayak which is more capable of making a radical last-minute maneuver.

While it’s good to know where you’re headed – it’s always more helpful to learn about this in light of what you are currently doing, thinking, and feeling in the present moment. An excessive focus on your future undermines your personal power and can delay your attainment of joyful outcomes.

For instance, if an intuitive consultation reveals that you’re headed for “treasure island”, you might develop a sense of entitlement and decide to throw your paddle overboard, expecting that the current will carry you to the end. When you relinquish your role as captain of your ship, you allow beautiful opportunities to slip through your fingers.

Here’s the other way to understand “the future” – it’s an illusion. That’s because the future hasn’t happened yet. Being mindful of what you came here to accomplish and tuning into the intelligence of the present moment will provide you with all the guidance you need to create your best future and rise to the occasion of your life.