Why Intuitive Consulting?

Intuitive Consulting is an exceptional methodology that blends intellect with intuition to generate powerful insights about your business. Intuitive coaching mines empirical and intuitive insights, offering you and your organization an unprecedented opportunity to follow the thread that is your natural path of success.


Intuitive Consulting Services

I work with small and large businesses and offer workshops, mentoring sessions and intuitive readings in the following areas:

  • Letting go of the under-feeling/overthinking paradigm: Access your highest knowledge through intuition to make wiser decisions for the organization.

  • Ending strife with change and transformation initiatives: Understand why your organization is trapped in an unhealthy pattern – on the merry-go-round so to speak – and how it can truly break through to the next level.

  • Foreseeing the possibilities and traps of pursuing different pathways: Receive decision-making support to help you anticipate the impact of various choices on your organization’s culture, operations, and finances.

Why work with me?

I’m an intuitive business consultant with a Masters degree in organizational psychology and a Doctorate degree in public affairs. I’ve worn a wide variety of professional hats across five major industries. I’ve climbed the corporate ladder from the very bottom and independently launched and led two businesses.

My expertise with intuition includes 15 years of self-study on expanding consciousness and metaphysical communication practices; intuition training by a world-renowned expert in psychic development; and practical experience with intuitive readings for business professionals.


Explore your intuitive consulting needs.

Contact me today to experience Intuitive Consulting. I offer a 20 minute initial free consultation.