Business Intuition Services

Private consultations are inspired by oracle cards and intuited messages about your leadership, business and career. Typically they focus on:
  • Inquiring into future trends of products, services, innovations and other business ventures

  • Exploring future parallel timelines to see where different choices might lead you

  • Identifying your most consequential gifts, talents and strengths

  • Describing your internal constraints to success and how to release them

Workshops and webinars on leadership and organizational growth are inspired by oracle cards and intuited messages for your group. Topics include:
  • Decluttering and organizing your ‘inner workspace’

  • Discovering and expressing your passion, creativity and unique voice

  • Leveraging the intelligence of sensation and intuition to guide your decisions

  • Establishing mindfulness amid a chaotic and ‘overthinking’ work environment

  • Any topic relating to mindfulness and intuition!

Why work with me?

I’m an intuitive speaker, writer and consultant with a master’s degree in organizational psychology and PhD in public affairs. I’ve been in the workforce for over 20 years where I worked in five major industries, climbed the corporate ladder and led two entrepreneurial businesses. I have a wealth of teaching and research experience with leadership, innovation and organizational change. I’m also a re-envisioner of the future of leadership and business. I work with intuition, intellect and good ole common sense to deliver poignant insights that will transform your relationship work, creativity, business and leadership.

Contact me to inquire about an intuitive reading.