Breath & coronavirus

I’ve often found that my intuitions come in long before I can make sense of them. While it’s clear to me that I’m receiving signals from the invisible realm, it can sometimes take weeks, months or years for the full meaning of an intuition to reveal itself.

Since December 2019, I’ve gotten a slew of messages about breathing. I repeatedly drew the same oracle card telling me specifically to “breathe”.  I had recurring dreams where I witnessed various characters dramatically emphasizing the in-breath and out-breath, at times using a cigarette. In late January, I heard the word ‘miasma’ in a meditation – a word that was vaguely familiar to me at the time. My guides had also pointed out that miasma sounds like “my asthma”. I then looked up the meaning of the word: a highly unpleasant or unhealthy vapor. I was intrigued and puzzled.

These breath-themed intuitive messages accumulated over several months. The signals grew stronger and were eventually expressed through my physical body, in a very unpleasant way. About once a week, I would get jolted out of my sleep because it seemed that I had forgotten to breathe. I would find myself in a state of terror and confusion, gasping for air, wondering how and why my body was suddenly acting this way.

When coronavirus surfaced, I realized that I was being informed about the upcoming manifestation of the illness, which as we know compromises the ability to breathe. More useful and comforting however, was the message embedded within the message: We all just need to breathe.

When we tune into the into the state of our breath, we also tune into our state of being. In other words, we become aware of how we are feeling in the current moment and therefore become more present in our existence. Have you noticed what happens when you are scared and anxious? You hold your breath – which is an unconscious attempt to escape your existence.

Coronavirus is an invitation to breathe and be present with the self; to fully immerse the self in the small, mundane activities we normally rush through because they seem like nuisances. It’s a call to feel more deeply into our everyday life experiences.

Coronavirus is a perspective-shifter and therefore also a reality-shifter.  We are being catapulted out of our illusions. Through isolation, we are coming face-to-face with our destructive thought patterns and dysfunctional family dynamics. We are being urged to let go of the activities that don’t truly serve us and use our time in a way that nurtures us more deeply.

We are also being invited to journey within which will help us realize that what we perceive as the external world is merely a reflection of our inner reality. Any criticism we have about the external world only ever reflects the pain we feel on the inside.

Through collective vulnerability, we can experience ourselves as fractals of one endless being and realize that whatever pain exists within us is mirrored in the collective consciousness our world. Journeying inwards is how we heal the world. Let’s enjoy the odyssey!