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503, 2020

Understanding and predicting your future

March 5th, 2020|

There’s an interesting tendency to equate intuitive consultations, or psychic work, with seeing the future. For many, “the future” is a confusing idea. A common misconception is that all events are predestined and therefore predictable. However, the implication here is disempowering: It means that you can’t shift your outcomes and it reinforces a mindset of victimhood.

1402, 2020

Empaths in the workplace

February 14th, 2020|

Empaths make up 20% of your workforce. If you haven't yet identified the empaths among you, you are probably overlooking the unique assets and perspectives that they bring to the table. Before discussing their strengths, let’s first talk about what it means to be an empath and how it feels to interact with them.

1202, 2020

How to release workplace chaos

February 12th, 2020|

Chaos at work is inevitable. Perhaps you interact with difficult colleagues, are overloaded with projects and impossible timelines, and encounter frequent leadership transitions and restructurings. While workplace unrest is exasperating, it also presents you with a valuable opportunity to learn a lot about yourself – and it’s not by virtue of pain and suffering!

702, 2020

Mindfulness in the workplace

February 7th, 2020|

Mindfulness is the process of allowing intuitions from our higher wisdom to flow into our awareness. Our higher wisdom is the part of us that is endlessly intelligent and infinitely compassionate towards ourselves and others. Our higher wisdom resides “at the mountain top”: It has a panoramic view of our life and always knows where we need to go next. It’s the part of us that we want to lean into and trust because it is our true master.

502, 2020

Activate your internal Q&A system

February 5th, 2020|

Questions are powerful. You may not always be aware of the questions circling your consciousness, but if you pay close attention you’ll begin to notice how they constantly poke and nudge you. A big part of claiming your personal power has to do with becoming mindful of your questions. In other words, own your questions.

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