Activate your internal Q&A system

Questions are powerful. You may not always be aware of the questions circling your consciousness, but if you pay close attention you’ll begin to notice how they constantly poke and nudge you.

A big part of claiming your personal power has to do with becoming mindful of your questions. In other words, own your questions. Doing so will kick off a dialogue between you and your higher wisdom. It also helps to be mindful of how you frame your questions, and subsequently, consciously putting them “out there” for response.

Perhaps you’ve had the unfortunate experience of desperately tossing a question “out there” only to find that no one has answered. Most of the time, your questions are answered. In the rare occasion you do not hear a response, it may be that the question you are asking is not beneficial to you at this time. Recognize that your brilliant higher self will not feed you what doesn’t serve you. Consider whether reframing your question will elicit a response.

Other times, you might overlook an answer that you receive because it doesn’t align with what you wish to hear, or, perhaps the insight is so unexpected that you have a hard time seeing how it responds to your issue.

What you may not realize about your questions is that they contain important clues about how you relate to your personal power. When activating your internal Q&A system, be mindful of two challenges. First, frame questions in a way that promotes personal accountability and preserves your free will. Second, become aware of your ego’s wishes in connection with the question. Remember that your ego loves to tell you that you need things you don’t actually need. Check in with your ego to see how it might influence how you framed your questions as well as how you interpret any responses you receive.

Your higher self wants to provide you with insight that will empower you and help you grow. When faced with a difficult choice, you may feel overwhelmed by your own power to choose. You may ask close-ended questions that prevent valuable insight from flowing in. Also be mindful of any hidden assumptions embedded in your questions. If you are fixated on a certain outcome, you may formulate questions in a way that prevents you from seeing the bigger picture and learning whether a better path awaits you. Be aware of the tone and intention behind your questions.

Here are 5 common ways we disempower ourselves in formulating our questions:

  • Victimhood: Why is this happening to me?
  • Passive submission: What should I do?
  • Focus on others: What is X person thinking/doing?
  • Yes/No: Will X happen?
  • Near-sightedness: How can I get X desire fulfilled?

Intuiting information about your life comes down to this: Having the courage to see what you are not currently seeing. Here are a few ways you might structure your questions to elicit insights that will best serve you:

  • What do I need to know about this situation/relationship?
  • What lesson am I supposed to learn from this situation/relationship?
  • What might I gain/sacrifice from choosing this path?
  • What are my greatest strengths/weaknesses in this situation?

Let’s put this into practice! Here’s an exercise to activate your internal Q&A system with your higher self:

  1. Formulate 1-2 burning questions about your life and write them down.
  2. Review your questions and consider how you might reframe them more constructively.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine your questions being delivered to your higher self. Hand your higher self an envelope or hit the ‘send’ button. Trust that your question was received.
  4. Become aware of how your ego might interpret any messages you receive. Write down what you want the answer to be and why, as well as all your wants, needs, feelings and expectations connected to your issue.
  5. Over the next few weeks, tune in to messages from your meditations and dreams as well as signs and synchronicities in your waking life. Don’t overthink the messages that come your way. Record what you get and thank your higher self for responding to you.

Repeat the whole Q&A process as necessary. You are in a dialogue and it is always ongoing!