Bianca started her career in the mid-1990s as an administrative assistant, bouncing around real estate and law firms while studying social science and psychology. Her frustration with administrative work launched her into a long academic journey where she stretched her perspective from understanding humans-as-individuals to learning about humans-as-collectives in social systems. During this time, Bianca accumulated a wealth of experience with research, teaching, and consulting-related projects. When she reached her early 30s, she quickly climbed my way to a director-level position at a prestigious healthcare trade association in Washington, D.C. Bianca paused her career to raise her daughter for two years – a Tabula Rasa experience that highlighted her urge to design a unique career path. Bianca launched a start-up business that acquired prestigious government funding and had started the research and development process to build a cutting-edge healthcare information technology.

Bianca spent most of her life as a completely fragmented career-driven human being. Like many professionals out there, she overemphasized her intellect which left her with the persistent feeling that ‘something is missing’. While she always enjoyed working with her intuition, she refused to see how this gift could be woven into her professional identity. For decades she convinced herself that fulfillment would magically show up on her doorstep as a payoff for the pain and persistence she had invested so far.

Bianca’s professional sense of self came into focus when she stopped overthinking and started over-feeling, finally acknowledging all the ways she had managed to choke the flames of her own desire. With this new over-feeling lens, Bianca saw the opportunity to integrate intellect with intuition as a means to access a wellspring of intelligence.

Career highlights

  • Ten years of research and practical experience with workplace leadership and organizational change

  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in organizational behavior and a doctorate degree in public affairs

  • A panoramic understanding of transformation at the psychological, social, organizational, and metaphysical levels

  • Certified as a psychic medium, trained under Sherrie Dillard who is a world-renowned psychic and author on intuition

  • Certified as a Professional Career Coach by the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches


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