I dedicated 12 years to improving organizational leadership through academic research and consulting. The boatload of enthusiasm I had at the start of this career eventually mutated into a heap of painful frustration and boredom. Every research project I touched felt like a merry-go-round that repeatedly crystallized the same depressing theme: The vast majority of transformation initiatives fail because most people are resistant to change.

In 2015, I left a director-level position at a nonprofit trade association in Washington, D.C. to become an entrepreneur. I launched a start-up and won competitive government funding from the National Science Foundation. My mandate was to innovate and commercialize a technological platform that would in essence extract “genius” level knowledge from healthcare workers and disseminate their insights across vast professional networks. However, my business partnership collapsed halfway into the grant. I launched a new business on my own and reapplied for the same grant, but this time my proposal was rejected.

With both career failures in mind, I decided to repurpose my career, armed with the unwavering belief that people do change and dramatically so, when they come face-to-face with their inner genius.

My work today is primarily intuition-based. I help leaders recognize the limitations built into their notions of growth, transformation, and success. I’m an avenger of sorts, determined to help leaders overcome their unconscious fears and rigid mental frameworks. I guide them to dismantle the self-imposed rules and norms that lock them into confining realities.

I teach leaders how to activate the intuitive-creative connection and enter states of flow that result in effortless bursts of ideas, insight, and clarity. I speak, consult and write intuitively about the futures with which we align ourselves and enjoy forecasting significant events related to business, industry, and socio-political issues.

My rock-of-a-husband Ryan and jubilant daughter Jaida help me integrate a love of play and appreciation of nature with my professional work. I journey with my loving gang towards a seamless experience of success and deeper experience of freedom.

Career highlights

  • Ten years of academic research and practical experience with leadership, organizational and social change
  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in organizational behavior and a doctorate degree in public affairs
  • A panoramic understanding of growth and transformation at the psychological, social, organizational, and metaphysical levels

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