I dedicated 12 years to improving organizational leadership through academic research and consulting. The boatload of enthusiasm I had at the start of this career eventually mutated into a heap of painful frustration. Each project repeatedly crystallized the same depressing theme: Most transformation initiatives fail because people are resistant to change. It was time to hop off the merry-go-round and find a better way to tackle this problem…

In 2015, I left a director-level position at a nonprofit trade association in Washington, D.C. to become an technology entrepreneur. I launched a start-up and won competitive government funding from the National Science Foundation. My mandate was to innovate and commercialize a technological platform that would extract, code and disseminate successful strategies for organizational improvement across healthcare facilities. However, my business partnership collapsed halfway into the grant – while I also realized that technology building wasn’t the imprint I wanted to leave behind.

In 2018 I embraced a new vision, supported by an unwavering belief that people do change and dramatically so, when they find the intersection between truth and inner genius.

My work today is primarily intuition-based. I teach leaders how to activate the intuitive-creative connection and access states of flow that result in effortless bursts of ideas, insight, and clarity. I speak, consult and write intuitively about truth and information integrity. I also enjoy forecasting important events related to business, industry, and socio-political issues.

Career highlights

  • Ten years of academic research and practical experience with leadership, organizational and social change
  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in organizational behavior and a doctorate degree in public affairs
  • A panoramic understanding of transformation at the psychological, social, organizational, and metaphysical levels

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