My 25-year professional life has essentially been an exploration about how people transform themselves and the systems their work in. My writing and ideas  bridge the ‘left-brained’ world of business with the ‘right-brained’ world of art and intuition.

I dedicated many years to improving organizational leadership through academic research and consulting. Until 2015, I held a director-level research position at a nonprofit trade association in Washington, D.C.  Subsequently, I launched a start up and won competitive government funding from the National Science Foundation to innovate and commercialize a health information technology system.

Two years into this venture I hit “existential career boredom”. I felt entirely disconnected from my path and knew I need to make a huge leap into new territory.

My passion is teaching creative awakening. I teach business professionals, healers and artists how to use intuition to unblock their creative genius and lead their career with authenticity, integrity and brilliance. My gift is empowering people with ideas and practical ways to overcome the inner barriers to a thriving career.

I am also an expert contributor for the the world-renowned Fast Company Magazine where you’ll find my ideas about leadership, intuition, and creativity.

Career highlights

  • Ten years of academic research and practical experience with leadership, organizational and social change
  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in organizational behavior and a doctorate degree in public affairs
  • A multidimensional understanding of transformation at the psychological, social, organizational, and spiritual levels

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