I repurposed my 12-year career as an academic researcher to undertake research projects on a different scale: I explore and describe the connections between the physical and spiritual worlds. Using intuition, I generate insights that bridge both realms, allowing us to experience life as a unified whole and to appreciate our human existence on a grander scale.

I no longer publish empirical papers. Today, I write poetry, blogs and articles that blend spiritual and mundane themes. I speak about the future of the world and use my intuition to forecast significant events and transformations in business, industry, and politics.

My background includes training and research in psychology, organizational behavior and public affairs. Over the years, I gradually widened my perspective and understanding of how we function in the world – individually, collectively, interpersonally and energetically – to inspire more love and connection for all humankind.

Career highlights

  • Ten years of academic research and practical experience with leadership and organizational and social change
  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in organizational behavior and a doctorate degree in public affairs
  • A panoramic understanding of growth and transformation at the psychological, social, organizational, and metaphysical level

My journey in more detail…

My career history can be summarized as a progressive discovery of freedom. For two decades, boredom, frustration and restriction followed me wherever I went. I spent most of my professional years feeling busy and ambitious yet fragmented and unfulfilled. I collected a few intellectual trophies along the way – tokens of hard work but not necessarily joy.

Like many professionals, I overemphasized the pursuit of intellectual goals. Although the metaphysical world was familiar to me, it took some time before I realized that my intuitive gifts could used professionally – amplifying both my joy of work and impact on the world.

I started my career in the 1990s as an administrative assistant. I bounced around law and real estate firms while studying undergraduate-level social science and psychology. I eventually grew frustrated with the monotony of clerical work and decided to seek more intellectual stimulation.

I committed the next chapter of my career to academia. I studied, taught and consulted on organizational behavior, leadership and public affairs. I conducted research on a wide range of topics including psychology, business and social and political affairs.

I earned a Masters and PhD with high hopes for success. Having dropped the pressure to conform to rigid theoretical frameworks and worship intellectual gurus, my graduation felt like the gateway to freedom. I immediately landed a research position in Washington, D.C. at a hospital trade association, and within 2 years rose to a director-level position.

At 35 I became a mother. I felt deep down that my daughter’s arrival signaled a need to reset my career. Despite having a prestigious job, I was completely underwhelmed by the impact of my work.

When decent sleep returned so did my itch for professional success. I launched a start-up with a partner and won competitive government funding to innovate and commercialize information technology for healthcare systems. Two years into this venture, the partnership failed.

It was time to go solo, to have me all to myself, without anyone to please, impress or negotiate with. I launched another company with the intention of continuing my foray with technology entrepreneurship. I reapplied for the same funding program, but this time was rejected.

In the months leading up to the foundation’s decision – still hopeful that I would win the award – I decided to sign up for an intuition development class. I had no serious intentions, just a simple desire to have fun and “use my intuition to make better life decisions”.

I laugh each time I remember myself using this statement. I imagine my spirit guides were laughing too, rubbing their hands with glee as they watched me crack open my intuition. I fell hard in love with the spiritual world, realizing that I had not only found my true home, but also my professional voice.

In the year that ensued, I went through a difficult but fruitful spiritual awakening. I discovered the many silent, self-imposed rules and illusions within me that were squelching my creative energies.

As these negativities began to clear, I deepened my connection with passion and curiosity. I quickly found myself with the beautiful problem of having more to say than can emerge in a given moment from the narrow funnel tip of my physical mind.

I often feel a waterfall-like pressure of love and wisdom cascading from the sky into my head, wanting to wash through me as if all at once. I enjoy the continual presence of this magical energy as I pace myself in expressing it one drop at a time.

Today, I enjoy speaking, writing and giving private consultations to guide the leaders of our world into a new era of humanity. I spend lots of time with my unwaveringly supportive husband Ryan and jubilant daughter Jaida – merging the grounding and playful energy of home life with the whimsical and erratic energy of spiritual work. I journey with my loving gang towards a seamless experience of Life and deeper experience of Freedom.

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