Preparing for a metaphysical reading

Metaphysical readings can be empowering and inspiring. They can help you better process the chaos in your life. As part of my coaching approach, they enable me to address you as a whole, integrated person by revealing how other aspects of your life are enmeshed with your career. In bypassing the linear frameworks of the physical world, intuitive readings can “cut to the chase” and deliver incisive insights about your career path.

In the early days of receiving metaphysical readings, I found myself seeking certainty and absolute clarity. While I could sense a beautiful order behind the chaos of life, I was fixated on knowing what my future held because I wanted to exert more control over it.

Over the years, my expectations and reactions to readings have shifted. Had I known what I know today about the nature of intuited information I probably would have approached the readings with more flexibility. For those of you considering a metaphysical reading, I wanted to share six lessons I learned about what to expect and how to reap the most benefit.

  1. The future is fluid. While you may receive information about the timing of upcoming events, the future is not set in stone. The future is a set of weighted probabilities which are determined by the thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions currently in place. As you shift those energies, you also shift the obstacles and doors of opportunity that await you.
  2. Metaphysical readings have parameters. Readings do not grant unfettered access to information, nor can the information be exploited without ethical and practical constraints. For example, you are generally informed about your life on a need-to-know basis, which keeps you focused on the more immediate obstacles needing your attention.
  3. Each psychic has their own lens. I act as a filter and have my own biases. I receive and deliver metaphysical information in unique ways. One of my clients had arranged to receive two simultaneous readings on the same topic – one from me and one from another psychic. She later told me that while the readings had presented her with overlapping information, each reading had a distinct feel and revealed complementary – yet not identical – perspectives on her issues.
  4. Add your own intuitive two-cents. I often share what I am seeing exactly as it is shown to me in the reading, which gives you a chance to interpret the meaning of symbols and messages in the context of your life. Intuited information often contains several layers of meaning. As the captain of your ship, you too are equipped to interpret those layers!
  5. Frame your questions thoughtfully. Asking broader, open-ended ‘what-do-I-need-to-know-about-X’ questions tends to elicit a richer flow of insight. There is a trade-off when you build assumptions into your questions. For example, “how can I convince my supervisor to give me a raise” assumes that staying in your current position is the best option for you. While you might hear specific tips on getting the raise, you may also miss out on learning whether a better opportunity awaits you.
  6. Be prepared to experience delight and discomfort. The purpose of the metaphysical reading is to address what is not yet obvious or fully acknowledged on your part. While you can expect to be pleasantly surprised, the messages can also rub up against what you currently desire out of your life and what you hope to learn about yourself.

While I love performing metaphysical readings, you are never obliged to have one. Decide to what extent you feel ready to open yourself to the non-physical realm. Coaching can be effective without it.

Metaphysical readings provide a new perspective. Intuited information is not necessarily superior to empirical insight. However, combined with insight from the “real world”, the readings can have a catalytic effect on growth and transformation.

I enjoy connecting with your guides and receiving the loving energy they so often bring forth. I see myself as a conduit through which you can experience the wonders of the other side. It gives me joy to help you feel connected to something larger than yourself.