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Bianca Finkelstein, Ph.D.

Work With Truth & Genius Genius

Bianca Finkelstein, Ph.D.

Harness your business intuition.
Build an unshakable foundation for creativity and innovation.
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What I Do

  • Teach you to combine intuitive & intellectual wisdom to achieve your leadership goals

  • Deliver intuited messages about your business and leadership development

  • Identify dysfunctional patterns in your business so you can end the battle with transformation – and grow!

About My Services

Check out my latest course: Writing Through Your Intuitive-Creative Self

Join an exceptional course on finding your zone of intuitive-creativity! I’ll teach you to play with creative writing and intuition opening techniques involving symbols and sounds. Engage in incredibly fun reflective writing exercises that will bring words and conscious awareness to your inner truth.
• Small intimate groups to maximize trust, synergy and make new friends across the globe
• Once weekly calls via Zoom for group exercises; interact online between calls to practice what you’ve learned
• Private sessions to explore your intuitive and creative development
• 12-week course is being offered at an introductory rate of $875
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“Bianca gave an insightful training on unlocking your intuition in the workplace. Her calm, knowledgeable demeanor and understanding of how organizations work resonated deeply and spurred thought-provoking conversations with our team.”

Brie E., Intergenerational Network Group

“Working with Bianca was an exercise in hard work, introspection, and fun. Bianca is deeply committed to her unique approach and brings together a combination of innate intuitive talent with years of education and professional experience.

Bianca helped me gain a big-picture understanding of my own “story” as a professional. I found her to be warm, deeply insightful, and refreshingly grounded. As a habitual skeptic of all things otherworldly, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I never doubted her for a moment.”

Emily P.

“I’ve really appreciated working with Bianca during what felt like great upheaval in my life. She inspires trust and confidence. She’s also quite intuitively gifted as many of the insights she initially provided to me, without knowing hardly anything about me, were spot on and really hit home.

I’m so thankful that Bianca’s path crossed with mine at this exact moment. Her assistance and support have been such a gift.”

Diane G.

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